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A terrace on a canal behind the emergency exit of the Italian pavilion was transformed into an open-air museum. Bench seats with views of the rear of the Biennale grounds and of a 19 metre long photograph depicting 10 years of Observatorium.
In the exhibition Experimental Architecture, Italian Pavilion
11th International Architecture Exhibition OUT THERE
Architecture beyond building

The curators of the exhibition Emiliano Gandolfi and Aaron Betsky asked us present some of our projects. How to represent the work in images without just printing them and hanging them next to each other in a white cube?
We were allowed to create a white cube outside the Biennale buildings, using the sizes of the interior. The terras installation behind the emergency exit of the italian Pavilion in Venice is an outdoor museum room without a roof.
It combined the light, smells and sounds of the canals of Venice with the outdoor projects of Observatorium. You were given the choise to relax and take a break or to take in the images of the installation.

All of following projects from 1997 - 2008 are represented in the installation PAUSA. We covered the walls of the studio with fotos and texts, made one picture and had it printed on wallpaper in exact the same size as the walls of the terrace museum room. It is a king size key project-pin-board as a study of Big Pieces of Time, our first book.
location: Architecture Biennale, Venice
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