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Parkpodium Vathorst

Open-air stage made of four concrete domestic floors with four different ceramic patterns, steel frames and 300 seats. Memorial to pioneering phase of new housing estate.
Context While people decorate their new houses in their new suburb, developers think how to celebrate the completion of the area and leave a mark by a cultural gift for a new community. In Vathorst, Amersfoort the development of a residential area for 30.000 people, it was decided that from the start new residents should be offered cultural events. Foundation Vario Mundo, an idea of Bert van Meggelen, offers a wide range of performances and exhibitions. It was their task to organize a design competition for a bandstand in a park. They invited mainly architects. The stage should be in the pond of the park. The audience was to sit on the borders of the pond. Concept Houses around the location of the bandstand are like theatres. If people open all their slide- doors to enjoy the view of the park they actually create a stage of 5 meters wide and 3 meters high. Our bandstand was to mirror this; we assembled four exact copies of floors and window-frames and arranged them on the border of the pond. Every floor has his own distinct ceramic pattern, as if it were different homes. The floors reflect the different trends for home decoration; rustic, modern, classic and Mediterranean.
location: Amersfoort
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