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This is the shadow site for search engines. Open the site for humans here
Netherland NY
Polder for Seclusion in New York Bay
Proposal for a new polder dedicated to tranquillity and solitude in New York Bay, with 30 layout proposals by invited designers.
Frederieke (Gallerieke) Taylor invited Observatorium for a show at her gallery in Soho, New York. She presents works by photographers, musicians, architects and artists like Asymptote (Rashid+ Couture), Mary Ellen Carroll, Mel Chin, Winka Dubbeldam, Jackie Ferrara and Meredith Monk. She describes their art as highly contemporary, conceptual work combining architectural and spatial concerns with a tendency towards irony and formal beauty. CONCEPT After having build dwellings for seclusions after having been introduced into the world of urban planning and landscape architecture Observatorium wanted to create a landscape for seclusion. In New York are many people that need a break from the hectic life and the noise of the city. And for a long time New York was already creating parks on the waterfront that used to be a harbor

area. The New York bay is the only place where you can escape the city without leaving the confines of New York.
location: Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York
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