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Het Observatorium

34 people spent a night in the art gallery, and left a record of their reflections. The interior consisted of soft woollen blocks, paintings and texts. Travelling exhibition.
In the summer of 1995 the artists Geert van de Camp, Andre Dekker and Ruud Reutelingsperger started their collaboration through a series of conversations in the local pub. They wanted to unite their quests and talents in creating a space which- through its specific furnishing, and acitve public use, could make reflection and contemplation possible, for a longer period of time than usual. Their common interest cummulated in a marriage of paintings, sculpture and texts. The Formbank of benedict monk and architect Dom Hans van der Laan provided the starting point for the design of the modular system which came to be known as the 'Observatorium for the observation of the inner self'. In a succession of exhibitions (Groningen, Düsseldorf, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Berlin) we investigated its different forms and uses. An Imaginary Domicile, A Studio, A Hotel Room, A Sound Space, A Writer's Workshop. These projects were our introduction into the gentle art of dwelling in seclusion.
location: De Vaalserberg, Rotterdam; Ziegler, Groningen; O.S.O., Düsseldorf
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