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Bolwerk Beijerland

Temporary sculpture referring to the struggle of Hoeksche Waard against urbanization, consisting of a courtyard building of 100 apple boxes on hydraulically raised land in a riverside private garden.
Context The festival of poetry and sculpture is held every year; the poets indoors, sculpture outdoors, in the magnificent private park at the river Maas. Observatorium was asked if their scuplture could be used by the poets. Concept The debate about urbanization is everbody's concern in the village; on the other side of the river suburbs of Rotterdam are getting nearer and nearer. We wanted to make a bulwark, that could both be seen as a speer-head of the city and a defence of the country-side. Who owns the land?

Construction The owner of the private park agreed to deposite a one meter high 20 x 40 m strip of sand, as symbol of urbanization that has crossed the river. More than hundred large crates rented from a fruit farmer were used to construct a theater with 80 seats, two in each box. Very lang ladders stood against the walls, as if the bulwark was still under construction. Because of the bad weather, no poet spoke. But we had children playing.
location: Poetry Festival, Zuid-Beijerland
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