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Exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut - Greater Museum Park - ROTTERDAM (english)

April 19 2014 the concept of the Enlarged Museumpark will be presented in an exhibition in Het Nieuwe Instituut.

MUSEUMPARK ENLARGED offers visitors a view of how the park could be extended, and how the buildings could be set in rather than next to the park. The Museumpark could become a central place of interaction and a greener and friendlier destination. During Museum Night the teams offered a seductive foretaste of an enlarged Museumpark with two temporary gardens: one filled with swaying reeds as a new entrance to the park from Westersingel, and the other a circle of stone around a big fire as a place of encounter in the park. The positive reactions from visitors inspired the designers to explore how to continue the project.
MUSEUMPARK ENLARGED offers visitors a place to learn new stories. During Museum Night birdcalls filled the air around the spire of Arminius, fitted with nesting boxes for swifts. From the entrance garden visitors climbed the tower to view the city from the perspective of the bird that even sleeps in the air. As they enjoyed warm milk around a big fire on the central asphalted area, they listened to an audio play full of stories about the surrounding institutes. This was once the Melkkoppad, a path to a farm where the Rotterdammers gathered to buy milk and cream and meet one another. Now it's a place where the people of the city can learn about one another and where the worlds of art, education, health and science awaken temporarily.
The presentation in The Project Space shows the process and outcomes of the designs, and it also forms the launch pad for their continued development. On the wall to the left are the results, while the wall to the right will gradually fill with responses that the designers collect over the course of the exhibition. The motto here is "building through listening", and exhibition visitors are also invited to reflect on the idea of a MUSEUMPARK ENLARGED.
During the period from April 19 to May 16 the designers will organise special events in which interested Rotterdammers and the institutes involved, as well as professionals and visitors, are invited to share their ideas for the future of an ENLARGED MUSEUMPARK and its exact use. Events will be announced on the notice board and on the website of Het Nieuwe Instituut. On the basis of all responses, the designers and artists will use the exhibition finissage on May 16 to reveal their ideas for a follow-up to the MUSEUMPARK ENLARGED.

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