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Young Observatorium

Young Observatorium

Over the last three year's Observatorium mentored around 20 students and young professionals in Arts and Architecture. They were looking for a thesis project, an internship or a traineeship to learn more about Observatorium's way of working. Observatorium learned by doing and gives them an opportunity to also learn by doing.

Observatorium works in a large variety of commissions: large-scale urban projects, public space research programs, temporary interventions, large permanent artworks and small scalle, low budget projects.
Whatever the scale or the budget, the intern has a persosnal task for a design. It can be the drawing that sums up a proposal, the model for a competition or indeed an entire project from A to Z.

Especially the last category became a opportunity for Young Observatorium to learn the trade of ‚place-making and art-in-public space'. The participants are given the assignement of creating thoroughly public space and installing artworks with a use after having decided together upon the core issue at stake (what?) and the most lileky artistic answer (how?).
The book Big Pieces of Time serves as a handbook for discussion. What are the main values we want to reach with these projects? They are realized in a very short period of time, they bring enthusiasm and energy to a place and the people involved, they are low-budget and in a gentle way they make the world a better place then it was before.

Young Observatorium since 2012

Nantes (FR), Michelle van Boven
A building site observation platform near the Observatorium artwork Peage Sauvage, Commisioned by Le Voyage a Nantes.

Rotterdam (NL), Merel Snoek
An mobile interactive art-work that became a climbing object for social activities in the park Heemraadssingel, commissioned by Singeldingen

Rotterdam (NL), Filippo Tiozzo.
A sculptural intervention on the facade of Calvijn College in Vreewijk, Rotterdam, commissioned by the school.

Vitrolles/Terschelling (FR/NL), Young Observatorium participates in international workshop led by Observatorium, organized by FAIAR, Marseille and Oerol festival.

Rotterdam (NL), Cindy Meeldijk. Hosting and interior design for workshop ‚Hart voor Alexander'.

Dalen (NL), Young Observatorium research on location for public sculpture, commisoned by Art Spot Drenthe.

Rotterdam (NL), Suze Hoek and Lieven Poutsma.
Three temporary art works celebrating the opening of the new Rotterdam Central Station, commissioned by CBK Rotterdam

ZIelona Gora (P), Lieven Poutsma, Maila Mangiapanello, Suze Hoek and Ymke Vertelman.
Research, design and execution of an art garden in Millennium Park.

Oosterbeek (NL), Maila Magniapanello and Ymke Vertelman.
A one-day artwork for the annual Artborne hiking tour.

Essen (D), Young Observatorium members participated in International Summerschool, The green shadow of Zollverein.

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